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Week commencing 16th April – Spring

Spring is in the air and we start by looking at lots of things in nature. The children will be creating a flower blossom tree picture using their fingers. We will be going on nature walks and collecting spring flowers which we will use to make daffodil and spring flower pictures. Spring is the time of new born animals so we’ll be talking about some of these spring babies and make lamb pictures with cotton wool. We will also look at the life cycle of tadpoles and caterpillars.

Week commencing 23rd April – Using our senses; touch and smell

Crescendo Kids will be joining us on Wed 25th April

This week our home corner will become a hairdressing salon. The children will investigate different smells for example vinegar, lemon and marmite etc. There will be “feely” bags/boxes to try and identify different objects by touching them. “Feely” pictures will be made using various materials like ribbon, fabric, sandpaper, smooth shiny paper, rice and lentils to explore different types of textures.

It’s going to get messy with shaving foam and corn flour goo as well as playing with the sand tray to explore texture. We will be cooking spaghetti so the children can see the “before and after” textures and we will flavour the play dough with peppermint essence. There will be lots of different fruit to try at snack time too, to test our sense of smell. The children will also learn the sign language for the senses and there will be a puppet theatre this week.

Week commencing 30th April – Using our senses; sight and sound

We will be continuing with our theme around the senses and will be making and using simple musical instruments this week. There are some new games to play this week. These include pin the tail on the donkey and the sound tracks listening game. The children will also be able to listen to stories using CD’s in the book corner.

Odd’s Farm Trip there will be a trip to Odd’s Farm on Tuesday 1st May for those children starting school in September.
Please note that playgroup will be closed for the younger children on this day. There will be a letter/email to follow explaining the trip details and playgroup closure

Week commencing 7th May – Farm Animals

May Bank holiday on Mon 7th May

We will be reflecting on our visit to Odd's farm from the previous week we shall talk about the animals we saw and discuss their features and habitats. We will talk about the names given to male and female animals and their young and talk about some of the vehicles we might see working on a farm. We will match and group animals using our small world farm and discuss their similarities and differences. In the craft corner we will concentrate on animal pictures. We have a listening game called animal sound tracks where we try to identify the animal after listening to the noise it makes. We will be singing Old MacDonald had a farm.

Weeks commencing 14th May and 21th May – Fruit and Vegetables

Crescendo Kids will be joining us on Wed 23th May

This week our home corner will be set up as a fruit and veg shop with tills, shopping trolleys and baskets. The children will look at a map of the world to see how far the fruit and vegetables we eat have travelled and we will lightly touch on fair trade produce. On the interest table there will be lots of different fruit and vegetables to look at. The children will examine the fruit and veg through a magnifying glass and we will watch as it decays to see what happens over time. We will also discuss and create a graph of our favourites fruits. The children will look at the life cycle of a caterpillar and make egg box caterpillars. Featured rhymes and stories will include ‘One potato two potato’. ‘Five Fat Peas’, ‘Jack and the Bean Stalk’, ‘The Enormous Turnip’, ‘Handa’s Surprise’, Pass the Jam Jim and ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’.

Playgroup closes for half term on Friday 25th May and reopens on Monday 4th June.