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6th September - Settling in Day

For all NEW children starting at Playgroup (9:15-11:15 am.)

WC: 9th September- Getting to know Playgroup

Scrumys will be visiting on Tuesday 10th Sept

To start the term, we will concentrate on settling new children in this week and the next. During registration time, the new children will be introduced to the rest of the group. We will also introduce/reinforce the rules governing our setting and the behaviour expected of the children whilst at playgroup. As time goes on we hope the children will become familiar with them. We will discuss the evacuation procedure and sound the alarm so the children become accustomed to the noise. This enables us to practice the procedure during this half of the term. To begin with, there will be simple painting, gluing and sand and water play activities to introduce the children to messy play. The climbing frame will be initially set at a low level with more pieces added as we progress through the first few weeks. This gives new children a chance to practice their climbing skills and become confident in their abilities.

WC: 16th September – Our community

During this week we will be talking about our surrounding area, we will be going for a walk around Playgroup to visit/ show where Priory Gardens, The rectory, the church and the school are. We will also go onto the green to have a story time.

WC: 23rd and 30th September – Colours of the Rainbow & Harvest Festival

Scrumys will be visiting on Tuesday 24th Sept and Crescendo on Wednesday 25th Sept

During the coming two weeks we will look at the colours of the rainbow and have set different days of the week for specific colours. In the first week (23/09/19) - Monday will be red. Tuesday and Thursday will be blue. Wednesday will be pink and Friday will be yellow. The children can wear the colour associated with the day of the week if they wish.

During the two weeks the children will be learning the rainbow song with Makaton, we will play games with the parachute, make dyed rice/pasta and gloop for sensory play, and use Q-tips to paint a rainbow. The children will also be comparing bears using our compare bear resource, looking through our colour Perspex. In circle time we will speak about the different colours around us and our favourite colour. In our role play corner, we will have a market stall, looking at all the different colours of fruit and vegetables and seeing if the children can match the object with the correct plate/basket. Throughout the two weeks there will be an interest table with lots of different coloured objects to examine. In the second week (30/09/19), Monday and Wednesday will be green. Tuesday and Thursday will be orange and Friday will be purple. Children can wear the colour associated with the day of the week if they wish. For Harvest Festival, we hope that we may be able to visit the church with Reverend Jane and take our offerings to contribute alongside those from the Parish.

WC: 7th October- All about me

Scrumys will be visiting on Tuesday 8th October

This week the children will have the opportunity to share information about themselves, their families and their friends. In small groups we will look at similarities and differences between themselves and others. What the children can do now that they could not do as a baby. Their likes and dislikes and what their favourite activity is to do. We would like to ask parents to please provide a photo of their family. At the craft table the children will have the opportunity to draw a self-portrait and a picture of their family. We will also be learning about our body parts and singing along to ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’.

WC: 14th October- Health and self-care

In small groups we will be talking about what our bodies need to have a healthy lifestyle, we will look at healthy foods, exercising and our own self-care. We will speak about our daily routines and how we help our mummy’s and daddy’s look after ourselves. We will hopefully have a dentist visit to help the children understand the importance of brushing their teeth, the children will have the chance to use toothbrushes to clean laminated teeth. The children will practice counting out the correct teeth to match the mouth. All our babies will be needing a bath, so we will set up a bathing area for the children to help clean the babies and get them dressed. In the role play area, we will turn it into a hairdresser for children to practice brushing hair. We will be reminding the children about washing their hands before eating and after using the toilets, covering their mouths when coughing, getting a tissue for their nose’s when needed. We will have sequence cards with different routines for the children to put in order, and different size apples and toothbrushes to put in size order. We will speak about the different types of help we get in the community to help keep us healthy (Dentist, Doctors, and Opticians).

WC: 21st October - Autumn

Scrumys will be visiting on Tuesday 22nd October and Crescendo on Wednesday 23rd October

Throughout this term we will already be talking about Autumn during circle time - As the seasons change and the leaves fall around us we will be going on nature walks. On our walk we’ll be collecting leaves, using them for leaf printing/rubbing, sorting leaves by colour, size and shape. Children can display any objects they find on our nature walks or bring in from home. We’ll make a pumpkin hedgehog using hammers and sticks, the children will help the adults carve a pumpkin and look at the inside of a pumpkin.

Counting the seeds and playing with them in gloop. The children can make a tree picture with either glued on leaves or finger painting independently. There will be an interest table so children can display any objects they find on our nature walks or bring in from home. We will be playing with corks in compost, planting crocus and daffodil bulbs ready for spring, creating spiders’ webs and doing marble painting with conkers. We’ll also be making witches potions. We will have a dark corner where the children can experiment with lights and shadows. As a group the children will be using a parachute to feel the ‘wind’ and add leaves to make them ‘fly in the wind’! Our story time books will be ‘Jack and the beanstalk’ and ‘The Enormous Turnip’ and we will be learning the ‘Autumn leaves are falling down’ rhyme. PUMPKIN COMPETITON- a letter will be sent out shortly.

Playgroup closes for Half term on the 28th October and re-opens on the 4th of November.