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WC: 4th November- Bonfire and Remembrance Day

Drop In Morning Monday 4/11/19- time: 9:15-11:15am Please note that this is NOT a normal Playgroup session, please see email and letter that was given at Playgroup

This week we will be talking about fire safety around fire/fireworks and sparklers, we will be talking to the children about how we can be safe. We will have a small world camping area with a bonfire. The children will have free range with craft to make fireworks and Poppies. In group discussion we will talk about Guy Fawkes and Remembrance Sunday. We will use the timers to practice 2-minute silence ready for the 11/11. In the cooking corner children will be making sparklers using breadsticks. To help improve fine motor skills the children will be using pinchers to rescue the letters from the fire. For physical development we will be getting the children to use their bodies to act out the sounds of fireworks.

WC: 11th and 18th November- People who help us and Road Safety Week

Scrumys will be joining us on Tuesday 22nd November
Thursday 14th Nov – Individual Photos Tulips and Tales will be joining us to take portraits of the children. If it is not your usual session, please bring your child in for 10.40am for a photo

For People who help us we will be looking for people from the community to visit playgroup– We may need parent’s help for this, Do you Know anyone that would visit playgroup? During these two weeks we are hoping to have a few visits from people that help us in our community. We will be in group discussion talking about the roles and duties of who helps us. We will also talk about who helps us every day. We will have the climbing frame out for the children to practise climbing the ladders like a fireman, we will have the cars and road signs out to practise road safety. In the role play corner, we will have a police office where the children will learn about the emergency numbers, and a hospital where children will get to practise looking after each other. We will be playing direction games to help with the children’s listening and attention. There will be props in the role play area for children to practise writing and mark making. There will be pictures of the past and present of uniforms and vehicles and the children will have the opportunity to match puzzle pieces together. The children will be making their own X-ray pictures. We will be singing five little monkey’s and Miss Polly had a dolly

WC: 25th November – My Feelings and St Andrew’s Day

Crescendo music club will be joining us on Wednesday 27th November

The children will be learning about the different feelings we can all experience and how to handle them. We will be singing if you’re happy and you know it. We will be identifying what expression is on the faces. Be practicing our own expressions in mirrors. Priya will be teaching us the Makaton signs for emotions that the ladies will start to use during session time when talking to the children. In group discussion we will be talking about situations and how we will be feeling after them for example if you fall over, you may feel sad. Every day we will have a feelings chart and ask children how they are feeling, together we will count how many children are in each column. This will give the children a chance to talk about their feelings. In the top room we will have mindfulness music and be carrying out yoga sessions. The children will be painting to the emotional beat. We will be reading the book guess how much I love you. The children will also be able to use construction paper to make their own face on a paper plate. For St Andrews Day, we will be talking about who St Andrew is and locating Scotland on the map, we will be watching a video of somebody playing the Bag pipes. In the cooking area the children will be making Scottish oatcakes.

WC: 2nd, 9th and 16th December- Advent and Christmas

Scrumys will be joining us on Tuesday 3rd and 17th December
Crescendo music club will join us in December date to be confirmed
12th December ELECTION DAY – Playgroup will be closed for general election

The children will be getting ready for their nativity, learning their songs. The children will be writing letters to Father Christmas along with their wish lists. In the role play area it will be the Elf’s workshop. Every day the children will have the chance to decorate a Christmas tree and through the month of December children will open our advent calendar. In group discussion we will relate to the toy appeal and speak about how lucky we are and begin to understand that some children aren’t as lucky. We will be reading the Nativity Story. Making snowmen with the playdough. Ordering strips of paper to make a Christmas tree. All children helping to make a class wreath. We will be talking about advent and the religions that celebrate Christmas and why. Ordering the twelve days of Christmas. The children will have a free range of all things Christmassy and sparkly to create what they would like. There will also be some Christmas Surprises… Shhh.

Christmas Party Wednesday 11th December The children will get the chance to listen and dance to Christmas music, play some games, enjoy some party food and have a special visit from Father Christmas and his Elf will be visiting along with Fred in the Shed. ALL CHILDREN ARE INVITED we will be asking for a contribution towards our visitors and entertainment for this day.
Christmas Nativity Monday 16th December - The Nativity will be over at the church (The children will be handing out invitations to families for this event). At our Nativity we will also be serving tea’s and coffees and holding a Raffle that will help raise funds for playgroup.

Last day of term before for Winter Break is on the 18th of December 2019. We return to Playgroup on Wednesday 8th January 2019