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Week commencing Thu. 6th September and Mon. 10th September – Getting to know playgroup

To start the term, we will concentrate on settling new children this week and next. During registration time, the new children will be introduced to the rest of the group. We will also introduce/reinforce the rules governing our setting and the behaviour expected of the children whilst at playgroup. As time goes on we hope the children will become familiar with them. We will discuss the evacuation procedure and sound the alarm so the children become accustomed to the noise. This enables us to practice the procedure during this half of the term. To begin with, there will be simple painting, gluing, sand and water play activities to introduce the children to messy play. The climbing frame will be initially set at a low level with more pieces added as we progress through the first few weeks. This gives new children a chance to practice their climbing skills and become confident in their abilities.

Weeks commencing Mon. 17th & Mon. 24th September – Colours of the rainbow

Crescendo Kids will be visiting on Wednesday 26th September.

During the first week Thursday 20th and Friday 21st we will be talking about Harvest Festival. We hope that we may be able to visit the church with Reverend Jane and take our offerings to contribute alongside those from the Parish. During the coming two weeks we will look at the colours of the rainbow and have set different days of the week for specific colours. This week Monday will be red. Tuesday and Thursday will be blue. Wednesday will be pink and Friday will be yellow. The children can wear the colour associated with the day of the week if they wish.

On Monday, we will be taking a walk to the red telephone box opposite the church. On the interest table there will be lots of different coloured objects to examine. Other activities include making a handprint rainbow, looking through the Perspex colour catchers, playing with the parachute and finger painting using the colour of the day. The children will also be comparing bears using our compare bear resource, making dyed cooked spaghetti, playing with coloured water, sand and corn flour goo. In the cooking corner we’ll be cooking coloured sponge cakes and making a fruit salad. We will also learn the rainbow song and learn to use Makaton sign language.

In the second week, Monday 24th and Wednesday 26th Sept will be green. Tuesday and Thursday will be orange and Friday will be purple. Children can wear the colour associated with the day of the week if they wish. This week we will continue with the activities started last week. We’ll also be looking at different eye colours and discussing similarities and differences. We’ll use the coloured shape mats and the shark mats to differentiate between colours.

Week commencing Monday 1st October – Autumn

As the seasons change and the leaves fall around us we will be going on a nature walk. On our walk we’ll be collecting leaves, using them for leaf printing/rubbing, sorting leaves by colour, size and shape. We’ll make a tree picture with either glued on leaves or finger painting. There will be an interest table so children can display any objects they find on our nature walks or bring in from home. We will be playing with corks in compost, planting crocus and daffodil bulbs ready for spring, making a flower bulb picture with wool for roots, creating spiders’ webs and doing marble painting with conkers. We’ll also be making play dough hedgehogs with spaghetti for spikes and using a parachute to feel the ‘wind’ and add leaves to make them ‘fly in the wind’! In the cooking corner we’ll be making cheese straws. Our story time books will be ‘Jack and the bean stalk’ and ‘The Enormous Turnip’ and we will be learning the ‘Autumn leaves are falling down’ rhyme. This week there will be a group discussion about the Harvest festival which we celebrated in September, farms, crops and farm vehicles. The interest table will still be up for children to bring in interesting objects such as acorns, conkers and things associated with Harvest. The children will be asked to bring in a corn on the cob and we will have a discussion around the cereals we eat for breakfast. There will be lots of fun creating a large autumn tree using hand printed leaves and making leaf crowns and butterflies. In the cooking corner we will make bread rolls and have sweetcorn for our snack. This week there will be flour and water dough to play with on some days instead of play dough.

Week commencing Monday 8th & Monday 15th October – Pirates and mermaids

Crescendo Kids will be visiting on Wednesday 10th October.

For our pirates and mermaid weeks the children will be busy making boats with large boxes and using the see-saw and balance beams to ‘walk the plank’. Other activities include making pirate hats, fin tails, mermaid necklaces, mermaid crowns, seaweed skirts and telescopes. We will be drawing treasure maps and using tea to stain them and explore treasure baskets. Weather permitting there will be a treasure hunt on the green. We’ll be making lots of colourful sea creatures such as octopus, fish and star fish to hang on our fishing net. The children will also be making egg box craft with fish and shells. In the cooking corner we will be baking biscuit coins and covering them with foil to look like treasure. Our songs and rhymes this week are all to do with the sea such as ‘A sailor went to sea sea sea’ and ‘When I was one’.

Playgroup closes for half term on Friday 22nd October and reopens on Monday 29th October.