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Week commencing Monday 29th October - Halloween and Fireworks

Drop in morning Wednesday 31 October 9.15 - 11.15am Please note that this is NOT a normal Playgroup session, please see email and letter that was given at Playgroup

To start the term we will be learning about Bonfire night and fireworks, looking at the firework code and learning about how to keep safe. There are lots of craft activities this week including making rockets and roman candles using rollers and cardboard tubes and painting bonfire pictures. On the messy table there will be black corn flour goo and glitter will be added to the playdough! We will be making spiders and spider's webs. Looking to see if we can see any webs in our environment outside. Making pumpkin lanterns children will be able to dig out the pulp from the pumpkins and look at the seeds and count them. We'll measure how big the pumpkins are to see which is the biggest/smallest. We'll have ghost foam a mixture of baking powder and shaving foam to explore with our hands. On Thursday and Friday we will be doing activities based around Fireworks.

Weeks commencing Monday 5th November - Diwali and Remembrance Sunday

This week we will be discussing Diwali (on Monday through Thursday), the ‘festival of lights’ and learning about how it is celebrated. There will be lots of different crafts this week to celebrate, including making cards, lanterns and Rangoli patterns. We will also be exploring trying different foods associated with Diwali at snack time We will be talking about poppies and the meaning of Remembrance Sunday (on Friday) and we will be busy making poppy pictures. We will look at various medals and the children will have a go at making a simple medal. We will also be discussing British values such as decision making, turn taking and sharing. King Humpty will feature at circle time to reinforce these values, particularly with self-expression and confidence. We will also explore different celebrations, traditions and experiences to promote respect and tolerance amongst each other.

Week commencing Monday 12th and Monday 19th - People who help us

Crescendo music club will be joining us on Wednesday 21st November

Children in Need is happening during the first week and there is a BBC programme on Friday the 16th so we will talk a little about this too. Our home corner will be set up as a hospital/doctors surgery and we will talk about Doctors, Nurses and the children’s experiences of going to the Doctor’s or being in hospital. We will look at X-ray pictures and attempt to make our own using talcum powder handprints/footprints on black paper. We will also use bandages in the home corner and the children can bring in their poorly teddies to patch up if they wish. We will be learning how to call the emergency services and make pictures of ambulances. We will also be learning about dentists, how to brush our teeth and the things that keep our teeth healthy. We will be talking about the Police about the work they do. We will be having a visit from the Lollipop Lady and practise crossing the road safely. We will look at pictures of zebra crossings and traffic lights and make out own traffic light biscuits using boiled sweets. In the cooking corner we will be making fruit kebabs. Thanksgiving is celebrated on Thursday 22nd November we will talk about this with the children and have a turkey paper plate craft in mind.

Week commencing Monday 26th November – Scotland

This is a new theme. We will talk about where Scotland is and look at the globe and map to find it in relation to where we are in Great Britain. We are hoping to make shortbread. Listen to some Scottish music and hear what bagpipes look and sound like. We'll make the Scottish flag using tissue paper and talk about St. Andrew. We'll talk about traditional Scottish dress and Tartan. Friday 30th is St. Andrew's day

Weeks commencing Mondays 3rd, 10th and 17th - Christmas

Crescendo music club will join us on Wednesday 5th December

This is the time of year when we start preparing for Christmas. The children will be very busy in the craft corner making a countdown to Christmas calendar, decorating the Christmas tree and putting together the scenery to decorate the hall for the Nativity. Other craft activities will include making Christmas cards and decorations which will include glittered pine cones, stars, angels, Christmas trees, stockings and crackers. In the cooking corner we will be making star biscuits with sweet centres. There’ll be lots of practising of Christmas songs and rehearsals of the Nativity play.

Thursday 14th December Christmas party for all children.
Wednesday19th December Christmas Nativity and children finish for the holiday

We return to Playgroup on Thursday 3rd January 2019