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Week commencing 4th June – Nursery rhyme Week

We will be singing the nursery rhyme and going outside to find mini bugs including spiders. we'll talk about some of the features of spiders and counting it's legs. We'll be making spiders in the craft corner with black sugar paper and pipe cleaners and we'll be making webs by drizzling glue onto paper and shaking on glitter. Our cooking activity will have spiders as it's theme in the form of spider cakes.

Week commencing 11th June – Hands, feet and Welly throw. Father’s Day

We’ll be starting the week with our sponsored welly throw. All the children will be able to have a throw and will learn how to measure the distance with a measuring tape using numbers 1 - 10. This week we are also looking at our hands and feet. The children will be drawing around their hands and feet, cutting and colouring the prints and learning which is left and which is right. We will also be making talcum powder footprints and discussing the things that go on our feet; such as different types of footwear when we wear them and talking about types of shoe fastenings. We will also be pairing socks on a washing line. Craft activities will include making a shoe shop picture and a shoe shape threading activity and we will be experimenting with nail pens and varnish. We will be getting physical doing balancing, hopping and jumping activities and learn to play hopscotch. In the kitchen the children will be making foot shaped biscuits with smarties for toenails. We will be using hand and finger puppets during our stories & rhymes this week which will include ‘Alfie's new shoes’, ‘We're Going on a Bear/Lion hunt’, ‘Listen to your feet’, ‘One, Two, Buckle my Shoe’, ‘This Little Piggy’ and ‘The Hokey Cokey’. The children will have the opportunity to make Father’s Day cards and gifts for someone they love (Father’s Day is on Sunday 17th June). We are getting physical this week with an obstacle course for the children to negotiate, parachute games and a pop up goal for playing football. Afterwards, we will discuss the shape of footballs and use stethoscopes to listen to our hearts beating and look at the effects of exercise on our body. The children will have the opportunity to dress up in different sports and football kits too. We will discuss and identify the different parts of our body and our featured songs include - ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’, and ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’.

Week commencing 18th June – Holidays and how we travel to get there

Crescendo Kids will be visiting on Wednesday 20th June

As we approach the summer break we will be discussing holidays and how we travel when we go on holiday. The home corner will be set out as a travel agent and we will be taking photos of the children which they will use to make their own passports and then buy travel tickets. We look at individual features of ourselves such as eye and hair colour; the things that we see on our passports. We will also pretend to pack our suitcases and discuss what type of clothing needs to be taken depending on where we go on holiday. The children can have a look at the globe and discuss where they have been before or indeed where they would like to go. For our craft activity we will be making and decorating aeroplanes and then pretend to be aeroplanes! We will be talking about the variety of food eaten in the different countries that the children are visiting or have visited and in the cooking corner we will be making wraps to eat.

Friday 22nd June is the Playgroup open morning – a separate note has been sent out about this. Please make sure you have returned your form to playgroup to say whether you will be attending or not.

Week commencing 25th June 2016 – Flying, Holidays and water

This week we will role play taking a flight, with in-flight entertainment and refreshments. Once the plane has landed the children can play in the sand using buckets and spades. There will be water painting on paving and brick work and shell sorting. We’ll also have a water tray out with fish and nets for our fishing activity and various items to float and sink to try predict what they will do. In the craft corner we will be making an under the sea collage. There will be ice pops at snack time and we will have a camping day activity with tents this week.

Saturday 30th June (12noon – 4pm) – St Nicolas Summer Fete Please come along and support the event. There will be lots to see and do, Eat and drink! A fantastic family fun day out

Week commencing 2nd July - Teddy bears picnic

Teddy bears picnic on Monday in the Rectory Gardens
Crescendo Kids will be visiting on Wednesday 4th July.

All the children are invited to attend the Teddy bears picnic - so if your child doesn’t normally attend on one of these days and would like to come along please talk to Maria or Julia. The children will make their own sandwiches and eat them in the Rectory gardens (weather permitting), and are asked to come in with some accompanying snacks. We suggest each child is sent in with a piece of fruit and a treat to have with their sandwiches – and of course, the all important teddy bear! Other activities this week will include making teddy bear pictures and we’ll be starting hand print pictures for the children moving on. Children will be asked to bring in their lunchboxes to practice opening them at snack time. Lots of teddy bear songs and stories including ‘Teddy bear’s picnic song’, ‘Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear Turn Around’, ‘Round and Round the Garden’, ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’, and ‘Going on a bear hunt’’.

Monday 2nd July - Extraordinary Annual General Meeting Information letter from committee to follow

Week commencing 9th July – Starting school and moving on

This week we will talk about school & nursery. For the older children who are moving up, we talk about their visits to their new school, discuss their uniforms and what colour they are. The children moving up to school will be asked to bring in shorts and t-shirts to practice changing for PE. For our craft activity this week we will be making a picture associated with their uniform.

Thursday 12th July – Leavers service at St Nicolas Church

Week commencing 16th July – Children’s choice week

In our final week of the summer term we will be asking the children to choose their favourite activities over this half term and do our best to provide their favourites. On the last day of term there will be a sing a long and picnic on the green. We hope as many parents as possible will be able to join us for this lovely end of term activity.

Term finishes on Friday 20th July.