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Weeks commencing 3rd January and 7th January – Snow, Frost and Winter

To start the term we will concentrate on settling new children and introduce/reinforce rules governing play during the session at registration time. Painting and water play will be introduced, encouraging the children to put on their own aprons and tidy up after themselves. Encouraging independent learners but offering support for those children who are less able/adept. Craft activities will include making calendars from old cards glued to card with a threaded ribbon border and making snowflake shapes using folded paper with bits cut out from them so they can then be decorated with white glitter. Other activities will include making bird feeders, snowdrop pictures, drawing snowmen faces on paper plates, making marshmallow snowmen and snowmen biscuits, a three circle snowman, a snow scene collage and lolly stick snowflakes. We will also be talking about the different animals we see in winter. We will be making ice cubes and watching the effect of what happens to the ice cubes in different positions. The children will all get a chance to play Maria’s ice cube game. This is played in small groups, where the children roll a dice to determine what to do with an ice cube, e.g. place it under your foot, rub along skin etc.

Weeks commencing 14th January and 21st January – Shape & Pattern

Crescendo Kids will be joining us on Wednesday 23rd January 2019

Craft activities for these weeks will include a threading activity to make a crocodile or caterpillar. We will compare bears by looking at their size and shape and make pasta necklaces by following a pattern. We will look at the patterns/shapes found outside in the environment by looking at brick/bark rubbings and we will go for group walks to look at the different shapes found outside. Other activities include sock pairing, making vehicles with shapes and adding a pattern, water/sand play-filling & emptying, sorting games, 4 corners games using shapes and small box/yogurt pot modelling. We will be talking about and naming shapes including 3D ones, matching shapes, printing with sponges to make a pattern and recognise a shape. The children will be looking at Elmer templates and a large Elmer/Wilbur collage to discuss colour and patterns as well as camouflage netting. In the cooking corner the children will be making delicious sandwiches in square or triangle shapes. There will be an interest table for the children to bring in different shaped objects.

Weeks commencing 28th January – Nursery rhyme week, Humpty Dumpty

This week we will learn to sing the nursery rhyme ‘Humpty Dumpty’ and learning the actions. We will be making a large wall with Humpty sat on it to illustrate the rhyme. Looking at the shape of Humpty and the wall and using 2D mathematical language to describe them. We will also be making an Oval Humpty finger puppet. We will be creating a large clock to introduce telling the time. We will be discussing time and when we do things, e.g. getting up and going to bed etc. We will be learning the days of the week song. We will have a discussion around the vocabulary associated with time and introduce terms such as yesterday, tomorrow and next week etc. We will also learn and sing other nursery rhymes this week too.

Weeks commencing 4th February – Chinese New Year (Year of the Pig)

Activities include making red envelopes and filling them with chocolate coins to give to a friend. Learning how to say happy New Year in Chinese Kung Hei Fat Choi. Reading the story associated with Chinese New Year and knowing how each year is named after an animal. Make a pig to illustrate this year’s animal. Cook special fried rice, talk about some Chinese food we may have tried. Make Chinese lanterns. Talk about some Chinese traditions performed at this time to include dragon/lion dance. Try to do a dragon/ lion dance of our own. Listen to Chinese music.

Week commencing 11th February - Valentines

Activities will include making cards for the people we love. Creating heart shaped crafts and cooking heart shaped biscuits. We will be talking about our feelings and emotions and discovering what makes us happy/sad/surprised/angry/excited etc. Learning and sharing what we can do to show someone we love/like them