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The staff are experienced and knowledgeable and create a warm, welcoming and fun environment where learning through play is encouraged. The playgroup caters for a wide range of interests and abilities and considers each child as an individual. Both my children have looked forward to each day at playgroup and have returned with enthusiastic reports of their activities that morning. The building is ideally suited for a playgroup. The brightly painted murals on the walls add to the cheerful atmosphere.

My younger daughter has recently started St Nicolas Playgroup and she absolutely loves it - she wakes up in the morning asking hopefully if it is nursery today. Even with a 6 year age gap between my two daughters the caring staff, facilities and development programme are still exceptional. My eldest daughter gained in confidence and started school very happily following her time at playgroup and I'm sure my younger one will do the same.

I was first attracted to St Nicolas Playgroup by the village atmosphere and location. My child is now in her 4th term, and is completely happy and fulfilled there. The teachers are warm, caring, interested and jolly. I am particularly impressed with the level of planning and detailed thought that goes into creating a monthly activity and learning schedule.

The care and nurturing my second child received at the Playgroup was second to none. Staff were most professional and warm in their approach to my daughter's development and in their communication to me on her progress. They displayed such a personal interest. My only regret is that my first daughter missed this opportunity of a fabulous pre-school experience.

My two children have both benefitted enormously from their time at St Nicolas Playgroup and thoroughly enjoyed going. Most of the staff have been at the playgroup for many years and really understand how to bring out the best in each child every one is given as much or as little support as they need. As well as having fun and learning, the playgroup was excellent practice for school as the sessions are well structured and disciplined. With additional activities such as cooking and music sessions and a lovely outdoor area, I cannot recommend the playgroup highly enough.